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Headcanon Boundary ↕ border between old and new
chessmaster ↕ pity for the simple pawn
It is strange, is it not...? I remember those days... I am sure Yuuka, the puppeteer, and the human magician all remember as well. But Reimu does not. Most of Gensokyo, in fact, cannot seem to recollect the preteen years of the most recent Hakurei Shrine Maiden.

Not even I can remember how long ago it was; logic dictates that it was exactly 5,136 days ago, but it seems.... much longer. As if it happened even before the Great Barrier had been erected. There was certainly a Hakurei Shrine Maiden by that name in those days - The present 'Reimu Hakurei' was not the most recent one, I assure you - but those incidents happened in this Reimu's lifetime.

Except it seems like, save for the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo, (and inexplicably, Reimu's partner in crime partner in bed magician friend Marisa Kirisame), the entire history of that time has been consumed. The hakutaku would not dare hide knowledge of such things from me, so I have no doubts that she is not involved... and yet, it's puzzling.

Was it a magical chaos that surged out when the spell card geas was being established? The vampire did not show up until after those incidents, when Reimu spoke of a method of resolving such incidents without threatening the welfare of Gensokyo. I fail to believe that she was afraid of Remilia Scarlet when Yuuka did not even faze her... perhaps, seeing the true, untapped potential of the puppeteer in the depths of Makai was what made her truly aware of the danger she was in.

Or perhaps it was Alice's magic that caused this problem. The grimoire she holds has powers in it that rival even my own, and her inexperience makes her a far more unpredictable opponent once she is pushed to opening it. Enough so, in fact, that when she was a small child, she practically destroyed all of Makai in her fury... would it be possible that she could have sealed multiple years in an unbreachable 'bubble' of time... a dark spot, so to speak?

So many unanswered questions that even I cannot glean knowledge of.